Uptown Interior Highrise 1

Uptown Interior Highrise 1
Multi Media Setup Dynamic Lighting Hidden Server Room Hidden Motion Sensors for Security

Multi Media Setup

Surround Sound designed and wired to best fill the room, connected to the TV and feeds without any visible cabling.

Dynamic Lighting

Dimmable and voice controlled lighting throughout the home. Just speak the key phrase or use the app to set timers, change the brightness, or (with compatible LED bulbs) even have then dance along with the music you're playing.

Hidden Server Room

Hide all the gear and units housing your Wifi, game systems, and other units, away from cluttering your living space. Also, keep them extra organized and easy to access, if you ever need to add a new DVD to the player.

Hidden Motion Sensors for Security

Security has never been more unobtrusive! State of the art sensors are hidden throughout the different rooms to bolster your security system, without any visible giveaways or loss to your pristine home style.