Home Theaters

Why go to the movie theater when you can have a better cinema experience from the comfort of your home? With stunning pictures and powerful sounds, you will find yourself lost in the wonders of cinema without the distraction of strangers surrounding you.

Luxury Automation

We might not be able to give your home its PhD but we can make it as smart as you need. From saying “Goodnight” and having your whole home go to sleep, to pushing one button and having all of the shades at the back of the house open, we can make your home work for you.

Audiophile Rooms

For the true audiophile who is a total purist, finding true joy from  listening to music as it sounded from within the recording room. You will find yourself looking for the guitar player in the room.

Crestron Programming

As Houston’s premier Crestron programming firm, we work with our clients to customize their Crestron controls to be as simple or as all inclusive as they want.